The battle for the human soul rages on.

A dystopian history of dark magic, with some dark humour on the way.


There is dark magic in the world, of a very ancient kind. Except that today it often comes masked as entertainment.  It dances its spells into our lives in music and movies and games. For all its modern style, its spells are no less dark now than they were when the world was still young. The battle for control of the human soul rages on, in the most surprising of battlefields and in the most ordinary of places. And make no mistake, it is a battle for territory, both on the ground, and in the human soul.

The new Wizards series looks at how that battle has been fought, and won, both on land and in the human mind.  There is a little voice inside us that will tell us a simple truth, if only we will listen: goodness leads, but evil drives. We do our best to drown out that little voice, with noise, with substances, or by keeping ourselves so busy we don’t have time to think, but something about that little voice just won’t let us go.

Beware the angel of light that comes with beauty in one hand, and chains for your soul in the other.







A burnt-out woman, a magic ring,

a journey from darkness into light

Wizard Ring: Book 1 in the Wizards series


Review by Brenda Parker:

A beautiful and thought-provoking novel, Wizard Ring is an intriguing novel, which opens in medieval Prague, a city at the heart of Bohemia, with its unique source of moldavite, a green gemstone laid down by a meteorite at the dawn of history. Sylvia, the protagonist, has an instinctive affinity to the city, which is where her own mother was born. But in modern Britain this is at odds with her burgeoning career at a prestigious girls' boarding school - an institution steeped in hierarchy and eccentricity, which Clare Blanchard describes with an irresistible meld of humour and satire. Woven into her tale are two stories of struggle to retain sanity. 

However, gradually her affection for Prague draws her back again and again and she discovers that there are unexpected links between the old city and those ancient Etruscan civilisations that instigated the spread of culture and architecture across continents. She learns also that many of these legends stretch back to biblical times, and that there are even connections pulling at her own roots. Her life and purpose are transformed by these revelations.Wizard Ring takes you on a satisfying journey, providing food for thought long after the book is closed - a journey well worth travelling.

 Reviewed by Brenda Parker, author of The Cilento Dove and Anya Paris



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The Wizards series is about the greatest deceptions in human history.

Think dystopian, historical science fiction, where the past becomes the future and the boundary between magic and science blurs into the biblical...

The first two books of the WIZARDS series are already out:

Spell-bound (a free novella), and Wizard Ring.

Shhh! but you can also now download the third book in the series, The Gene Wizards, before the full launch! 

Wizard Ring is about Sylvia, whose mother gives her a magic ring, said to have been made by the Elizabethan alchemist John Dee, who served for a time at the court of Rudolf II in Prague. As Sylvia uncovers the mysterious heritage of her mother and the ring she gains a whole new take on her drab life in England. 

The second book in The Wizards series is called

The Gene Wizards. 

This time the main protagonists are three teenagers from the Vanpyre family, whose history in international banking goes back to the Crusades. There is a Prague connection here too, but this time it's urban fantasy. The theme is genetic engineering, but with a biblical twist going back to the Book of Genesis. 

The final planned book in the series, which I have already started working in, will bring the whole series to a head in

The Chaos Wizards.